This course is for dentists who have completed 0 – 20 clear aligners cases or any General Dentists who want to offer more high-end procedures at their office. This course is for dentists who feel like they are stepping too far out of their comfort zone and want an experienced dentist to help coach them through it and be there as a backup if they need help in the future. Dr. Ameen has completed over 850 clear aligners cases over the last 8 years and is an Invisalign Preferred Provider. He’s ready to share the tips, tricks and pitfalls he has figured out through his experience– things he wishes he had known from the start.

The program was designed to instruct your whole team so that your practice may provide a smooth clear aligners experience for your patients from managing inquiries with curious patients and potential new patients to monitoring ongoing treatment, mastering clear aligners software, coping with difficult cases and more.

By the end of this course, you will be able to treat mild to moderate orthodontic cases and be able to grow your practice by as much as 20%. Your office staff will walk away with the knowledge they need to serve patients from the moment they call looking for information all the way until they leave your office smiling and satisfied.


Case Selection – What cases should you take on and warning signs for complex cases to avoid. What to do in different situations or when you encounter different problems.

Record Keeping – How to keep tracking of your cases and treatments correctly. What needs to be done as far as documentation and organization.

ClinCheck Software – How to use the clear aligners software correctly. How the different tools and options work and when to use what for what patient.

Diagnosing Cases & Issues – How to identify potential clear aligners cases. How to deal with complex issues that arise and examples of tough cases Dr. Ameen has taken on and how they were treated successfully.

Course Breakdown

  • Types of orthodontic issues
  • Case selection to start with clear aligners
  • Orthodontic Cephalometric Analysis
  • Orthodontic record-keeping and RCDSO requirements
  • TMJ examination
  • Biomechanics of clear aligners
  • Mastering clear aligners software
  • Types of attachments in clear aligners
  • Type of orthodontic movement
  • Writing a clear aligners prescription
  • Reading ClinCheck
  • Clear Aligners Placement Workshop
  • Clear aligners and the overall growth in office production
  • How to identify an everyday patient’s orthodontic problem
  • The integration of digital technology to enhance a patient’s perceived value and treatment outcome
  • Taking digital photos and impressions
  • Step-by-step documentation and measurements
  • Hands-on workshop for getting impressions, starting the case and uploading files to the clear aligners website
  • How to monitor patients undergoing treatment
  • Identifying potential patients in your schedule
  • Communication with patients
  • Ideal consultation to increase case acceptance
  • Clear aligners specific codes, documentation, submission & followup
  • Clear aligners consent forms

Who is this course for?

All general dentists who have completed 0 – 20 clear aligners cases or those who are interested in integrating orthodontics into their office.

This includes up to 3 of your staff to attend a support-staff workshop, free of charge! We recommend including yourself, your assistant, a hygienist, and your office manager. More than 3 staff is an additional $250 CAD + HST each, and class sizes are capped to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate and receive one-on-one guidance.

You will receive free clinical and theoretical educational videos over a period of 3 months after the course.


Frequently Asked Questions

We are not Invisalign, so you will still need to complete onboarding requirements with your chosen provider, such as Invisalign, ClearCorrect, or SureSmile. Their course will not teach you how to prescribe clear aligners as an orthodontic treatment, only how to place orders with them. 

Our course, created by Dr. Ameen, is designed to teach dentists how to prescribe clear aligners as an orthodontic treatment. We equip your entire team with the knowledge and skills to provide a complete Invisalign experience for your patients, from managing inquiries to monitoring treatment and mastering Invisalign software

Our course covers everything you need to know to offer clear aligners in your practice. However, to officially provide clear aligner treatments, you will still need to sign up with your chosen provider and fulfill their onboarding requirements. Our course prepares you with the necessary knowledge and skills to confidently offer clear aligners as an orthodontic treatment, but the accreditation process lies with the provider.

The Invisalign “Tier Level” is determined by the number of Invisalign cases you complete in a calendar year. For example, a dentist must complete at least 25 cases in a year to achieve the Gold provider level. Once you’ve completed our course, you can immediately start booking patients and offering Invisalign. 

With our training and support, it is possible to achieve higher levels, such as Gold or even Platinum (60 cases in a given year). Your dedication and the number of cases you handle will determine your tier level.

Absolutely! We encourage you to bring your team members along to maximize the benefits of our course. We recommend inviting a Dental Assistant, Dental Hygienist, and Receptionist to fully leverage everything we offer. The cost of the course includes up to three staff members per Dentist.

No, the cost of the course includes up to three staff members. However, if you wish to bring additional staff members beyond the included limit, there is an additional fee of $250 per extra staff member.

No, dentists are required to attend all three days of the course, while staff members attend for two days.

No, your experience will be the same whether you bring staff or not. The inclusion of staff is a bonus if you want your whole team to receive training. Typically, those who do not own their own practices may not bring staff.

Our lead facilitator is Dr. A. Ameen Al-Obaidi. He is an experienced dentist and an Invisalign Preferred Provider who has completed over 500 Invisalign cases in the past six years. Dr. Ameen is accompanied by his dental staff from his four practices who will teach your staff about the operational aspects of offering clear aligners. Our instructors include Tara Tulloch (Office Management), Courtney Burtoo (Dental Assistant), and Lisa Ajuja (Hygienist).

If your partner is also a Dentist, they would be considered a separate participant and required to pay their own registration fee. However, between the two of you, you could invite up to six support staff members (three each) at no additional cost.

Yes, absolutely! Dr. Ameen, with his extensive experience and successful practices, provides mentoring for dentists who are developing new skills or looking to grow their practices. You will receive guidance and support as you handle your initial cases in clear aligner treatment.

November 1 – 3, 2024

3 Day Course

Patterson Dental
5505 Satellite Drive
Mississauga, Ontario
L4W 5K7

CE Points:

Tuition (Early Bird):
$4,000 CAD + HST

“Dear Dr. Ameen, Thank you so much for being a good mentor and friend. I am grateful to you for your support and kindness. Your knowledge and passion to learn and help people is wonderful. I am looking forward to attending your upcoming invisalign course. I am sure it will be a great opportunity to gain valuable knowledge so I can treat my patients with confidence. You’re a great role model.”

Dr. Z. Al-Najjar

“I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Ameen for generously sharing his knowledge and expertise with us. It is not often that we can find an educator who is willing to go above and beyond to benefit you. Not only that but he simplifies everything and gets you excited about engaging in a new scope of your profession. I highly appreciate everything you do for us.”

Dr. Shahad Alkhalili

“Dr.Ameen is a very professional practitioner, he provides his patients with the utmost of care. I have known him for a long time, studied under his supervision and worked along side him as a colleague. He is a great dentist and an enthusiastic educator who always tries to help you gain the confidence you need to help you experience new aspects of dentistry. His attention to detail is impeccable. I was glad that when I first started my career that I worked under his supervision. He helped me to gain confidence doing complicated dental procedures. I will be forever grateful for all the opportunities he gave me and for working aside of such a great dentist.”

Dr. A. Sami

“Throughout my career as a dentist, I have never thought of providing any orthodontic treatment to my patients, I would always refer them, but now with the mentorship of Dr.Ameen, I can provide many of my patients with Invisalign treatment with the confidence of having great results, Dr.Ameen has always been a great support to me with his knowledge.”

Dr. Ibrahim

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